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XEUS - A high-energy mission for ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme
Consortium Meeting at MPE Garching
May 30-31, 2005

Scientific Organization:

G. Hasinger for the ESA XEUS Science Advisory Group

Local Organization:

Th. Boller

Aim of the workshop

In the recent months, the XEUS mission concept has gained significant support and priority in the strategic planning excercises and a joint mission between ESA, NASA and JAXA is now within reach. In parallel significant technological advances and breakthroughs have been achieved, which allow a ~10 square meter mirror and detector spacecraft to be placed in an L2 orbit.

At the last XEUS Science Advisory Group meeting in conjunction with the ESLAB symposium it was decided that it is urgently necessary to inform the whole XEUS consortium and the wider community about the significant developments in the XEUS project. This is in particular important, because in the framework of the Cosmic Vision strategic process, a mission proposal for XEUS will have to be written in the next few months. In order to prepare for this we need to sharpen up the science case.

We are in the process of preparing the scientific programme for the meeting and we expect a mixture between scientific overview talks, contributed science talks and technology presentations. We will post a web page.

Please mark these dates in your calendar and let my secretary, Frau Jacobs, know of any travel arrangements you require (Hotel reservation etc.): Frau Jacobs: Tel 089/30000-3403, jacobs@mpe.mpg.de. For further information how to reach MPE please see the link below.

Please feel free to distribute this invitation to potentially interested scientist in your environment.


Scientific Programme

List of Participants

Important Dates:

May 12, 2005
May 20, 2005
Deadline for Registration
Final Circular


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