Proceedings of the Workshop "XEUS - stuyding the evolution of the hot Universe"
held in Garching, Germany, December 11-13, 2002 edited by G. Hasinger, Th. Boller, A.N. Parmar
T. Abel The first stars and QSOs L. Piro X-ray Spectroscopy of Gamma-Ray Bursts: Present Results and Future Perspectives for XEUS G. Hasinger X-ray observations of the first QSOs A. Comastri et al. Beyond the X-ray background with XEUS N.E. White The X-ray Evolution of Galaxies: Implications for XEUS I. Georgantopoulos et al. Chandra Observations of Narrow Line Galaxies M. Arnaud The growth of structures - Building clusters R. Kneissl High redshift Sunyaev-Zel'dovich clusters and XEUS F. Paerels et al. X-ray Absorption and Emission Spectroscopy of the Intergalactic Medium at Small Redshift F. Nicastro The Local Group WHIM Filament X. Barcons Detection of resonance absorption lines from the Intergalactic Medium by XEUS E. Churazov Resonant scattering of X-rays by the warm intergalactic medium A.N. Parmar The XEUS Mission R. Willingale Metrology for the XEUS mirror plates O. Citterio et al. Alternative mirror technologies H. Hoevers et al. Cryogenic Detectors (Narrow Field Instruments) L. Strueder et al. The Wide Field Imager for XEUS H. Inoue XEUS observations of hard X-ray sources M. van der Klis General relativity from neutron stars and stellar-mass black holes M.C. Miller The neutron star equation of state from fast timing of X-ray bursts N.S. Schulz Highly Resolved X-ray Spectra with Chandra: Dynamics of Neutral and Ionized Matter P.O'Brien AGN iron lines: the complex picture from XMM-Newton and Chandra J.S. Kaastra High resolution spectroscopy of nearby AGN A.C. Fabian Reverberation revisited D. Barret et al. A fast X-ray timing capability on XEUS Th. Boller et al. The importance of soft X-ray spectroscopy in the 0.1-0.5 keV range with XEUS R. Lieu Scientific and technical aspects of a low energy imaging spectrometer for XEUS E. Costa X-ray Astronomical Polarimetry in the XEUS Era L. Angelini et al. LMXRB in Elliptical Galaxies L. Boirin et al. A new class of X-ray binaries to observe with XEUS? D. Breitschwerdt et al. Investigating galactic halos with XEUS M. Freyberg et al. Investigation of the "missing baryon problem" with XEUS D. Grupe et al. X-ray polarimetry of AGN with XEUS M. Guainazzi et al. The Compton-thick AGN in the GPS radio source OQ+208 R. Hudec et al. Light-weight X-ray optics for XEUS: alternative technologies R. Hudec et al. Large X-ray Optics: Lobster alternative M. Hanauske et al. Theory of Compact Stars P. Kahabka The population of X-ray binaries and background AGN in the field of the LMC S. Komossa et al. The X-ray evolving universe:(ionized) absorption and dust, from nearby Seyfert galaxies to high-redshift quasars I. Lehmann et al. XMM-Newton Deep Survey in the Lockman Hole and the population of type-2 QSO A. Luukanen et al. Transition-edge microcalorimeters in Corbino disk geometry for XEUS NFI M.J. Page et al. Submillimetre evidence for the coeval growth of X-ray absorbed QSOs and galaxy bulges L. Piro et al. X-ray Survey with High Spectral Reolution Microcalorimeters A. Del Popolo The mass temperature relation for clusters of galaxies R. Petre et al. Constellation-X Mirror Development: Lessons Learned Relevant to XEUS J. Schultz et al. The XEUS View of Nearby Clusters of Galaxies S. Sciortino et al. The physics of shocks in the proto-stellar environment: Herbig-Haro objects observed with XEUS A.F. Zakharov et al. The shape of the Kalpha line as evidence for the black hole existence J. Bleeker Rapporteur talk