The 2004 Ringberg Castle Workshop on AGN Physics

Scientific Programme



Monday,  22. November, 2004

Session I: Observational manifestations of relativistic effects


Chair:   H. Netzer
08.50-08.55   Welcome address
G. Hasinger
08.55-09.00     Opening Remarks Th. Boller
09.00-09.20   Fe K-line astrophysics: The past, the present and the future
A.C. Fabian
09.25-09.45   Transient Fe Emission Features in AGN:  A New Diagnostic of
Accreting Systems
J. Turner
09.50-10.10   Flux and energy modulation of Fe K emission in NGC3516 and
implications for the black hole mass
K. Iwasawa

10.15-10.35   A reflection-dominated interpretation of the NLS1 1H 0707-495:
X-ray spectrum and variability
G. Miniutti


10.40-11.00 Coffee break


11.00-11.20   Partial covering and reflection in NLS1  
L. Gallo
11.25-11.45   XMM-Newton/Chandra Fe K line statistics and the role of ionized
accretion discs
Th. Boller
11.50-12.10   The Fe line in the mean XMM-Newton X-ray spectra of type 1 and
type 2 AGN  
A. Streblyanskaya


12.30-14.00 Lunch


Chair:   K. Pounds
14.00-14.20   Some effects of strong gravity on AGN X-ray light curves   P. Arevalo
14.25-14.45   Gravitational redshift in optical emission lines of
Seyfert galaxies
W. Kollatschny
14.50-15.10   AGN Jet Physics   T. Krichbaum
15.15-15.35   An overlooked effect of General Relativity and some
implications concerning fast spinning BH  
B. Aschenbach


15.40-16.00 Coffee break


16.00-16.30 Open Discussion
    Moderators: A.C. Fabian and K. Pounds






Tuesday   23. November, 2004  

Session II: Black Hole Mass, Accretion Processes  and Variability

(i) Mass and Accretion rate: Observation and Theory

Chair:   M. Gaskell    
08.45-09.05   Black Hole Accretion in the Local Universe   L. Ho 
09.10-09.30   New BH Mass, Accretion Rate, and Metallicity
Measurements of High Redshift AGN
O. Shemmer
09.35-09.55   First Steps Toward Constraining Supermassive Black-Hole Growth   M. Vestergaard
10.00-10.20   Black Hole Growth by Accretion   S. Mathur


10.25-10.50Coffee break


Chair:   D. Porquet 
10.50-11.20   Time Dependent Mass, Accretion Rate and Metallicity    H. Netzer
11.25-11.45   The fundamental plane of active black holes and the accretion modes of
A. Merloni
11.50-12.10   Magnetized accretion flow, jets, and coronae   S. Mineshige
12.15-12.35   Physics of Super-Eddington Accretion Discs   T. Kawaguchi


12.40-14.00 Lunch


14.00-14.20   Are the accretion rates super-Eddington in NLS1s?   S. Collin
14.25-14.45   Radiation hydrodynamical simulations of supercritical
accretion flows
K. Ohsuga
14.50-15.10   Soft X-ray emission of NLS1: disk hot skin vs. outflow   B. Czerny
15.10-15.30   Specific features of the X-ray spectra of NLS1s
Y. Tanaka



15.35-16.00 Coffee break


(ii) Variability

Chair:   K. Leighly  
16.00-16.20   What AGN continuum variability is telling
us about AGN physics
M. Gaskell

16.25-16.45   Spectra and variability patterns of Seyferts   A. Zdziarski
16.50-17.10   The origins of variability in AGN and the
AGN-X-ray binary connection
P. Uttley



17.15-17.45 Open Discussion
    Moderators: H. Netzer and J. Turner



Wednesday, 24. November, 2004   

Session III:   Physics of the surrounding material        


(i) Mass outflows


Chair:   D. Lutz 
08.30-08.50   The Connection Between Narrow-Line Regions
and Outflowing Absorbers in Seyfert Galaxies
M. Crenshaw
08.55-09.15   The AGN outflow in Mrk 279: Results from a
deep simultaneous Chandra/HST/FUSE campaign
N. Arav
09.20-09.40   Dynamical and Spectral Modeling of Ionized
Gas and Nuclear Environment in NGC 3783
D. Chelouche
09.45-10.05   X-ray evidence for massive outflows in AGN   K. Pounds
10.10-10.20 Outflows from AGN: New evidence from UV and IR spectral features M. Ward


10.25-10.50 Coffee break


10.50-11.10   The Physical Significance of AGN Outflows   E. Behar
11.15-11.35   X-ray insights into interpreting CIV Blueshifts
and Optical/UV continua
S. Gallagher
11.40-12.00   A view of AGN Accretion Flows by Means
of Double-Peaked Emission lines
M. Eracleous
12.05-12.25   The nature of the accretion disk and surrounding material in the nucleus of NGC 1097 T.Storchi-

12.30-12.50   Radiative & Hydromagnetic Driving of Winds in AGN   J. Everett
12.55-13.15 Outflows from AGN A. King


13.20-14.15 Lunch


(ii) dust

Chair:   H. Kunieda  
14.15-14.35   Infrared constraints on dust properties and torus   D. Lutz
14.40-15.00   The AGN dusty torus -observational clues for
its structure and dynamics
M. Elitzur
15.05-15.25   Some effects of dust in AGN   A. Laor
15.30-15.50   Active star formation close around AGN   R. Davies

16.00-16.30 Open Discussion
    Moderators: A. Laor and M. Ward


                                             16.30-17.00 Coffee break


Session IV: General Issues

Chair:   S. Mineshige  
17.00-17.20   AGN Spectral Energy Distribution:
its origin and influence on emission line
ratios and kinematics
K. Leighly
17.25-17.45   A 4D Eigenvector 1 Parameter Space:
An H-R Diagram for Quasars

J. Sulentic
17.50-18.10   Strategy of AGN observations with Astro-E2   H. Kunieda










Thursday,  25. November, 2004

Session V:  Insight into AGN physics from recent surveys  


Chair:   S. Gallagher
09.00-09.20   AGN Accretion History revealed from X-ray surveys   G. Szokoly
09.25-09.45   Broad Absorption Line Quasars from the SDSS DR3   P. Hall
09.50-10.10   Physical models of AGN evolution based on
new results from the 2dF survey
L. Miller
10.15-10.35   Quasar Physics from SDSS, Chandra, and Spitzer   G. Richards


10.40-11.00 Coffee break  


11.00-11.20   The Iron line background
M. Brusa
11.25-11.45   The  Role of Accretion in Massive
Starbursting Galaxies
D. Alexander
11.50-12.10   Unveiling EXO's in Large Multi-Band Surveys   A. Koekemoer
12.15-12.35   The light-up and evolution of AGN from
hard X-ray surveys
A. Comastri


12.40-14.00 Lunch  


Chair:  M. Eracleous
14.00-14.20 The Host Galaxies of Radio-Loud AGN G. Kauffmann
14.25-14.45   A survey of hard X-ray emitting AGN selected
by the Chandra Multiwavelength Project

J. Silverman
14.50-15.10   AGN host galaxies from 0.5<z<3: young stars and mergers?
K. Jahnke

15.15-15.35   The Chandra and XMM-Newton view of
optically defined samples of Compton-thick
Seyfert 2 galaxies

M. Guainazzi
15.40-15-50 Sub-mm detection of high redshift type 2 QSO V. Mainieri


15.55-16.15 Open Discussion
Moderators: G. Kauffmann and P. Hall





Other Participants 

W. Brinkmann (MPE Garching)

I. Balestra (MPE Garching)

S. Hess (Johann-Wolfgang Goethe Universitšt Frankfurt am Main)

D. Porquet (MPE)