New BH Mass, Accretion Rate, and Metallicity Measurements of High Redshift AGN

Ohad Shemmer (Pennsylvania State University)

We use new IR/optical observations to determine the BH mass, accretion rate, metallicity, and other properties of 29 luminous AGN at z~3. A combination of these measurements with similar data of nearby AGN reveals that metallicity is primarily correlated with the accretion rate, rather than with luminosity or BH mass. This suggests that accretion rate either triggers metal enrichment or is another metallicity indicator in all AGN. Our data also allow us to put interesting cons traints on the size and structure of NLRs in some of the most luminous AGN known, and to suggest that many of them may be the high-z analogs of narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies. W e also find correlations with other AGN properties, which point at the important role p layed by accretion. These new results are discussed within the framework of the starburst-AGN connection.

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