A reflection-dominated interpretation of the NLS1 1H 0707-495: X-ray spectrum and variability

Giovanni Miniutti (IoA)

1H 0707-495 has been observed twice with XMM-Newton. In both observations a sharp and deep spectral drop is detected with energy that has shifted from 7 keV to 7.5 keV in about two years. The overall spectral shape can be interpreted in the framework of a partial covering scenario. Here we explore an alternative explanation in which the 0.3-12 keV spectrum is the result of only two broadband spectral components, i.e. power law continuum and ionized reflection from the (inner) accretion disc. We show that the interplay between these components in 1H 0707-495 closely matches the predictions of our recently proposed light bening model in which relativistic effects in the vicinity of the central hole play a major role. Moreover, the model can also explain the spectral variability observed between the two XMM observations.

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