Gravitational redshift in optical emission lines of Seyfert galaxies

Wolfram Kollatschny (Universitaets-Sternwarte Goettingen)

We present 2-D reverberation mapping studies of the variable optical line profiles in Mrk110. Based on these data we derive an accretion disk structure of the broad emission line region in this narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxy. Having this information we calculate a mass of the central black hole. But this value is biased by the unknown inclination angle of the accretion disk. We determine independently a central black hole mass in Mrk110 based on the observed gravitational redshift in their rms line spectra. A comparison of both methods indicates that the accretion disk is seen nearly pole-on in Mrk110. Furthermore, we will present spectra of two other galaxies with indications for redshifts in their rms line profiles.

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