[MPE logo] The 2004 Ringberg Castle Workshop on AGN Physics
November 22-25, 2004


Th. Boller, W.N. Brandt, A.C. Fabian, P. Hall, S. Kahn, H. Netzer, B. Peterson, Y. Tanaka, B. Wilkes


L. Gallo and B. Meyne

Scientific Motivation

After 4 years of dedicated service from the new generation of X-ray telescopes, XMM-Newton and Chandra, as well as results obtained from various multiwavelength observations, we are at a good point to revisit the topic of AGN physics. The workshop will review the new observations, will address recent open questions as well as suggested answers, and will pose new questions that require further investigation. We are planning a Monday-to-Thursday meeting. The workshop is by invitation only.

Main Topics:
1. Observational manifestations of relativistic effects
2. Mass, accretion rate and accretion processes in AGN
3. Physics of the surrounding material (winds, dust, torus ...)
4. Insight into AGN physics from recent surveys (SDSS, 2dF, deep surveys...)

List of Participants

Scientific Program

Final Information

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Travel logistics

We suggest the following scheme. Participants will arrive at Munich airport between Friday (Nov. 19) and Sunday (Nov. 21). Sunday (Nov. 21) evening, we will organise transportation from Garching to Ringberg Castle via bus transfere at 6 pm (about 1 hour drive, start at Hotel Maria, second stop at Hotel Hoyacker Hof). We have organized a wellcome buffet style party after arrival at Ringberg Castle. On Thursday after dinner (Nov. 25)we will return to Garching. For those participants who will be arriving prior to Sunday (Nov. 21) and departing after Friday (Nov. 26), we recommend accommodations in Garching. Please inform us if you will be requiring hotel accommodations in Garching. In addition, if you intend to rent a car at the Munich airport, we would be grateful if you could contribute to the car-pooling efforts to-and-from Ringberg.

Hotels in Garching

Please allow us to make your hotel reservations as we will be able to get a reduced Max-Planck rate. Contact us with your arrival/departure information if you require accommodations in Garching (bol@xray.mpe.mpg.de or meyne@mpe.mpg.de or lgallo@xray.mpe.mpg.de). Of course you are free to search on your own for a hotel close to the Ringberg Castle. In this case, please send us a short note.
Hotel am Park, 70 EUR per night, Tel. +49-89-3204084, FAX: +49-89-329478911, Email: info@hotel-am-park.com
Hotel Maria, 65 EUR per night, Tel. +49-89-3204041
Hotel Hoyacker Hof, 70 EUR per night, Tel. +49-89-3269900

Conference fee: 100 EUR (please pay in cash); Your stay at the Ringberg Castle is 90 EUR per night (includes all meals and drinks during the meals). The full board rate of 90 Euro per night can be paid with EuroCard, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and EC-Cards.


Tel: +49-89-30000-3883
Fax: +49-89-30000-3404

Map of Garching and the Munich airport
Information about the Ringberg Castle and travel logistics

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