Other Guides

PIMMS version 2.3 Users' Guide by K. Mukai, (Jun. 4, 1996)
A guide for getting started at MPE
ASCA Getting Started Guide by C. Day & R. Fink, the third version (Jan. 31, 1996)
The ABC Guide to ASCA Analysis - FTOOLS v3.5 version (Oct. 11, 1996)
Warning for using GIS BGD database
The ASCA Archive by White, N. et al.
The list of the ASCA public archives copied from that at NASA/Goddard.
GIS STATUS REPORT by Tashiro et al. (May 9, 1995)
Method of GIS Background Subtraction by Ikebe et al. (May 24, 1995)
To avoid data with low-energy electron contaminations (picked up from a Japanese news group and translated into English)
Extended Source Analysis with ASCA by Takahashi et al.
Effects of radiation damage on SIS performance by Dotani et al.
A history of echo (SIS0) and echo (SIS1) plotted by Fujimoto
The Xselect User's Guide by Ingham, J. the 1.3 version (Aug. 6. 1994)
Users' Guide to Ftools Release 3.6 by the FTOOLS Group (Oct. 21, 1996)
The Ftools WWWpage is opened at HEASARC.
How to use temp2gain by Kubo H. (in English)
Calibration file of temp2gain up-date
Instruction for the GIS/SIS Arf Builder by Ishida M., & Hirayama M. (in English)
A list of keywords used by MKFILTER v.1.23
"What is new about jbldarf2.00?"
"What is new about jbldarf2.10?"
How to use sis_bldrsp2 by Hirayama M. ( in English)
The XIMAGE User's Guide Version 2.31 by P.Giommi, et al.
Model wabs vs varabs and Solar abundance in XSPEC
XSPEC uses PGPLOT for plotting.
the manual for QDP is "The QDP/PLT User's Guide" by A.F.Tennant (Nov. 8, 1990)