ASCA - Advanced Satellite for Cosmology and Astrophysics (Astro-D)

ASCA data archive list is available here at MPE. The list is automatically updated every Sunday. Access this file locally and save your time to get the list over network.
temp2gain v4.2 have been installed. See Release Notes . V.3.6 can be referred as "temp2gain3.6".
Ftools v3.6 have been installed. See Release Notes . Old versions have been deleted.
The executable "/asca/adprocess/bin/pimms" is the latest version of PIMMS(v2.3) for the ASCA AO-5. "Users' Guide" is linked to this WWW page: you can find it by clicking "other guides".
The ASCA analysis system with the calibration data are available at MPE in a directory /asca of a ROSAT OSF/1 server.
A guide for getting started at MPE is written in a 10 page ASCII text (or in Postscript). We hope that the guide will be helpful for you to start ASCA analysis at MPE.
Other guides are in a directory /asca/doc, which includes the latest official manuals and unofficial information. A list of abbreviations may be helpful to read something about ASCA.

Anonymous ftp sites at GSFC, ISAS and others are open for ASCA users.
General information about ASCA will be got on WWW homepages of GSFC and of ISAS. An introduction of the calibration database is given at HEASARC. The ISAS homepage includes not only ASCA but also other missions such as Astro-E and VSOP; and how to get to ISAS.
An announcement about the ASCA Guest Investigator Programms by ESA may be found in a directory "Asca" at ESTEC.
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