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Ref  #Cl  Content and Keywords  ADS 
A1 0.9-1.6 22 project overview, observational techniques, first sample, masses, BCG locations, radio properties, galaxy population changes ADS
B2 0.6-1.2 16 FORS2 spectroscopy pipeline, spectrosopic templates, average template properties ADS
B1 0.9-1.6 22 radial distribution of AGN around distant clusters ADS
C6 1.58 1 XDCP J0044.0-2033: X-ray properties, galaxies, mass estimate ADS
C5 1.49 1 XDCP J0338.8+0021: X-ray properties, galaxies, BCG ADS
C4 1.56 1 XDCP J1007.3+1237: X-ray properties, galaxies, SFRs ADS
C3 1.08 1 XDCP J1007.8+1258: X-ray properties, galaxies, mass, lensing arcs ADS
C2 0.95 2 XDCP J0104.3-0630: X-ray properties, galaxies, environmental effects, LSS ADS
C1 1.39 1 XDCP J2235.3-2557: X-ray properties, galaxies ADS
D5 0.4-1.5 6 distant X-ray clusters in the CFHTLS D4 field ADS
D4 1.1 1 XDCP J0338.7+0030: X-ray properties, galaxies populations, GROND instrument performance ADS
D3 1.36/1.18 2 XDCP J1532.2-0837 & XDCP J0302.1-0001: X-ray properties, galaxies, mass estimates ADS
D2 0.98 1 XDCP J1230.2+1339: X-ray properties, galaxies, mass estimate comparisons, cluster components, central merger event ADS
D1 0.98 1 XDCP J1229.4+0151: X-ray properties, galaxies, galaxy masses and morphologies, HST CMR ADS
E1 1.39 1 XDCP J2235.3-2557: ICM temperature, metallicity, SB profile, galaxy stellar ages, hydrostatic mass estimate ADS
F4 0-1.5 232 X-ray scaling relation evolution, L-T, M-L, T-M, preheating implications, eROSITA predictions ADS
F3 0.98 1 XDCP J1230.2+1339: galaxy populations, CMR, photometric redshifts, weak lensing mass estimate ADS
F2 1.39 1 XDCP J2235.3-2557: CMRs, galaxy masses, star formation rates, morphologies ADS
F1 1.39 1 XDCP J2235.3-2557: HST weak lensing study, mass estimate ADS
G2 0-1.6 many survey design, technical observational aspects, candidate X-ray properties, redshift estimation techniques, prelimary results ADS
G1 0.8-1.4 few XDCP J2235.3-2557, survey strategy ADS

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