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XMMU J1230.3+1339 Material: Fassbender et al. 2011 (2.2 MB, PDF), arXiv:1009.0264 (Abstract)

XMMUJ1230.3+1339 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.1 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.9 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.11 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.13 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.12 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.14 XMMUJ1230.3+1339 Fig.10
Image Notes:
1) 3x3arcmin (R500) color composite (UB+Vr+iz) with semi-transparent Chandra X-ray emission and labelled components
2) GIF animation blinking between the iz image (red) the color composite and the fading X-ray emission (3x3arcmin)
3) same as 2) for the 5x5arcmin (R200) region
4) images of 2) in a 2x2 gallery
5) Approximate location of XMMU J1230.3+1339 with respect to the Virgo cluster
6) [Fig.1 in paper] Optical view of the cluster (click for high resolution PS file)
7) [Fig.9 in paper] Multi-component view of the cluster, 5x5arcmin (click for PS file)
8) [Fig.11 in paper] Zoom on the infalling BCG2 group (click for PS file)
9) [Fig.13 in paper] Zoom on the central arcminute of the dynamically active core region (click for PS file)
10) [Fig.12 in paper] Reconstructed 3D accretion geometry of the cluster environment (click for PS file)
11) [Fig.14 in paper] Comparison of different cluster mass proxies (click for PS file)
12) [Fig.10 in paper] Identification of different cluster subcomponents in the 7x7arcmin environment (click for PS file)



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