NORAS - The Northern ROSAT All-Sky Galaxy Cluster Survey

Here you find the NORAS catalog as published by Böhringer et al. (2000) in ApJS, 129 ,35 in plain ASCII format. For a description of the table columns please refer to the publication.
Table 1 The NORAS cluster X-ray source catalogue
Table 2 The non-cluster X-ray sources among the extended RASS 1 sources
Table 3 The AGN in clusters and non-cluster-sources in the line of sight with probable clusters
Table 4 X-ray properties of the non-cluster X-ray source cluster combinations
Table 5 X-ray properties of the NORAS cluster X-ray sources
Table 6 Additional ACO clusters detected as X-ray sources in the 9 h to 14 h region
Table 7 X-ray properties of the additionally found ACO clusters
Table 8 Additional clusters detected as extended X-ray sources in the 9 h to 14 h region
Table 9 X-ray properties of the additional extended cluster sources

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