[logo] 12' Maps of the Soft X-ray Diffuse Background from the ROSAT XRT/PSPC All-Sky Survey

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[Reference for image: M.J.Freyberg, R.Egger (1999), "ROSAT PSPC All-Sky Survey maps completed", in Proceedings of the Symposium ``Highlights in X-ray Astronomy in honour of Joachim Trümper's 65th birthday'', eds. B.Aschenbach & M.J.Freyberg, MPE Report 272, p.278-281, Fig.4]
The six centers (poles) for the projections are the north and south galactic poles and at l = 0°, 90°, 180°, 270° along the plane.

You may preview the 6 regions in 6 energy bands:

The FITS files itself are sorted accordingly and are available from a separate page.

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