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Click at any position of the all-sky map in order to obtain the requested data product for the corresponding 6.4 deg x 6.4 deg RASS sky field.


The whole sky has been divided into 1378 RASS fields each 6.4 deg x 6.4 deg wide. The fields are distributed according to the RASS field structure (plot; list) Neighboring fields are overlapping by at least 0.23 degrees. Each field can be identified by a (equatorial latitude) zone number running from 1 to 33 and a (equatorial longitude) segment number running from 1 to 64, depending on the zone number. Accordingly there are 1378 directories in the ROSAT Data Archive each containing a README file and 10 FITS files. The names of the data directories have been adapted to match other ROSAT archival data. A 6 digit number (ROR number) is followed by 'p' for the detector used (PSPC). The ROR number consists of '93' as the first two digits ('9' for ROR category 'other and survey data'), digits 3 and 4 correspond to the zone number, 5 and 6 to the segment number. The survey data were distributed into these fields. The final data sets are the same as for pointed data. The RASS fits data files start with the 2 characters "rs" to indicate survey data.

There are several ways to retrieve the ROSAT All-Sky Survey Data:



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