RRA Data Products


Available Products (Examples)


   rp200544n00.public_contents_rra   RRA public contents file
   rp200544n00_qsrc.fits.gz          source list; quality checked by RRA
   rp200544n00_rgb.ps.gz             X-ray colour image of the observation,
                                       (detailed description)


   rh141928n00.public_contents_rra   RRA public contents file
   rh141928n00_im_2.fits.gz          photon image (2 arcsec resolution)
   rh141928n00_im_5.fits.gz          photon image (5 arcsec resolution)
   rh141928n00_qsrc.fits.gz          source list; quality checked by RRA
The photon images are in FITS format (512 x 512 pixels).

Information on sources missed by SASS has not yet been released.

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