First target name: FO Aquarii

Proposal number: 6507
Category:           3 (cataclysmic variables)
PI number:       7004
We shall investigate the white dwarf spin and beat pulse profiles of the
intermediate polar, FO Aqr. In a 20ksec observation with the HRI, a
complete orbital cycle of the system and 16 spin cycles of the white
dwarf will be seen. Using the 1-D CLEAN algorithm, profiles will be
reconstructed directly from the power spectrum, resulting in lightcurves
which are uncontaminated by other source periods or window function
effects. By combining these data with our earlier GINGA pulse profiles,
we shall model the accretion mechanism of the system using our recently
developed intermediate polar lightcurve modelling code. We shall thus
determine the size, shape and location of the white dwarf emission
regions and the fraction of the accretion flow which does and does not
pass through a disc.