Updates to the ROSAT Archive Browser

   - Sequence lists
       + Added link to 'derived products' directory

   - Sequence lists
       + Y2K bugs in date order has been fixed (public date)
       + Unique (and more reliable) entries for 190... and 93.... sequences
       + README files fixed for 190...p-1 sequences
   - rgb images
       + Added images for PSPC sequences with NACTIM = 0 s (still useful)

   - Archive
       + Roughly 600 previously missing abstracts have been added
           (partly from the GSFC archive; UK AO8 abstracts from MPE
            MPL database dumps)

   - GIF Images from ROSAT CDROMs 
       + Missing images from volume 3 / 12H directory are now online.
       + All images from volume 6 are now linked correctly.

   - GIF Images from ROSAT CDROMs 
       + Some images from volume 6 weren't linked correctly (fixed).
       + Some images from volume 3 are not yet online; will be fixed during
           the next few days.
   - Sequence Directories
       Switched to new URL for sequence directories.
       (hierarchical lists; old and new master interface)
   - Sequence Lists
       All sequences are omitted which were proposed or scheduled but
       never observed - the mission is over!
   - Timeline Archive / Time Tag Files
       newly created; additions:
         * complete attitude information up to 1998-Dec-17
         * information on safemodes and off-timeline periods
         * information on groundstation contacts
   - Master Interface:
       Selection criteria / Misc.: added selection by detector
       TBD: description of coding
   - Column 'obstim' in sequence lists:
       The meaning of column 'obstim' in the hierarchical lists
       and in the lists returned by the other search
       interfaces is now accepted times in the case of
       observations which were already analysed by SASS,
       and expected good observation times in the case
       of scheduled observations.
       Previously, column 'obstim' contained the time for which 
       the satellite was pointed to the corresponding target
       (which is less useful); this value is still available via the
       'revised master interface' using the 'dump' format.
   - Master Interface:
       * Sequences are no longer selected or plotted if the corresponding 
           nominal pointing direction is not within the specified field radius.
       * The center and rim of the requested sky region is indicated.
   - Master Interface:
       The last user input values are passed to 
       "Focus selection / resort".
   - Master Interface:
       Previously, observations had been searched within a field of view
          with a radius specified by "radius".
       Now observations are searched within a field of view
          with a radius which is  ( 1.0 deg + 1.41 * "radius" + 1.0 deg ).
   - Images from CD ROM Volume 5 ("ROSAT - The Images") available
       (304 new observations)
   - Links to 'energy image' and 'exposure map' removed
       (images are still accessible via the 'd' link)
   - Test interface added
      + simultaneous selection by date, field, keyword
      + output can be sorted by various criteria (including date, R.A., Dec.)
   - Fixed bug in links to ROSAT archive data sets
   - Added description headline to ROR lists
   - Added 'Navigate' line at the end of most of the lists
   - Added several documents to 'Docs'
   - 'Focus search' feature for accessing RORs by Key and by Distance
   - New observation list format
   - Added 'Statistics on ROSAT Observations'
   - Additional information available:
       * How much time was requested for an ROR?
       * What percentage of the requested time has been done already?
       * Will a request be re-scheduled?
       * What was the shipping date to the PI? ( not yet active ! )
   - New format of the dates ('yymmdd' instead of 'dd-mmm-yy')

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