Contents of the ROSAT Data Archive

Last update: 2001-Mar-09

      - ROSAT has been turned off on 1999-Feb-12, 09:18:52 UT.
      - ROSAT All-Sky Survey data has been released on 2000-Mar-11
      - ALL ROSAT data are public since 2001-Mar-09

   ROSAT True Attitude Information from GSOC up to
      +  1998-Dec-18 ( == end of mission )
   Information from the Mission Time Lines:
      +  1997-Oct-15 to 1999-Feb-22   (up to STL 29.03)
      +  1999-Feb-01 to 1999-Mar-01   (LTL 29)
   ALL GSOC MDR Data arrived at MPE.
   Public data up to Public Release Date
      +  2001-Mar-31  (ALL  MPE processed data)
      +  2001-Mar-31  (ALL GSFC processed data)
   Images from CD ROM ("ROSAT - The Images"):
      +  Volumes 1 to 8 (observations up to public date 1997-Oct)

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